Year: 2017

Why you should start a competition on social media

Posted on 31 December 2017

Business-people are always looking for ways to market themselves and their businesses. Usually this is driven by wanting more business, paying too much in advertising and just the fact that they want to improve. We recently started a competition on our Facebook page and the results really were astonishing. We’ve gained a lot of page …Read more.

6 ways to get the most out of social media for your business

Posted on 26 December 2017

For the last decade social media has played a roll in getting traffic to websites. Anybody can take advantage of this, be it a one man band or massive corporation. All you need is one or more social media accounts or a business page. This all depends on what the social media website has in …Read more.

Why your small business should be using Office 365 for Business

Posted on 17 December 2017

Microsofts Office 365 has been in place since its release in 2011. Since then it has grown into a very handy suite of tools, incorporating Exchange, Skype for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint and office based web-apps. For an additional premium you can also get access to Microsofts offline Office applications. To really get the benefits of …Read more.

Adaptive Vs Responsive Web Design

Posted on 15 December 2017

What is adaptive design? What is responsive design? Both of these methods can be used to build a website that works on both your laptop and your smart phone. There may even be times when both can work together but either way the end result should be pretty similar. Especially as far as the end …Read more.

First anniversary & Free sites for charities

Posted on 10 December 2017

To mark our 1st year anniversay (13th of December) we have setup a new service targetting local registered charities. In our bid to help and assist charities we have¬† decided that we will be offering free websites on the basis that the sites are hosted through us (usually ¬£7.99 a month). As part of our …Read more.

Why you should be using an SSL certificate on your website

Posted on 17 November 2017

Incase you don’t know SSL – Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS when used for displaying websites is a way of making websites secure. Google want you to use it Since 2014 Google have been pushing websites to move over to SSL, they have been doing this by moving SSL enabled websites up through their search …Read more.

Why you need a mobile website in 2017

Posted on 14 November 2017

Quite often we see a lot websites that still to this day do not have a mobile version or better yet have a responsive design. Google have been “Mobile First” – You may be wondering what this means. …Read more.

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